Why Mountain Home Dentistry Co.?

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There is no need to feel nervous with Dr. Chris MinertLearn more about our dentist. As true people persons, our dentists understand everyone is unique and has varying comfort levels. Therefore, they adapt each treatment to your needs and offer complete transparency when explaining their professional recommendations.

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At our office, we focus on providing comprehensive dentistry that benefits your mouth and your overall health. Our team goes beyond the norm to educate you on the best treatment path and explain each step as you journey towards total wellness. We offer a range of services in the areas of family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

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We are a people-focused practice that follows strong ethics. Each member of our team offers upfront and honest care with your health in mind. Our primary goal is to guide you to systemic health while making your journey a pleasant one. We will never lecture, judge, or recommend anything we don’t believe in.

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Healthy Smiles = Healthy Body
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Our Mountain Home dental officeLearn more about our office is equipped with modern technology to boost your smile and help you achieve overall wellness.

Your mouth is the gateway to your body. Consequently, anything impacting your oral health will eventually become a problem for your overall health. With this in mind, Dr. Chris MinertGet to know Dr. Minert focuses on preventing issues before before they take shape. Furthermore, he educates families on the real dangers of oral health issues and the importance of regular dental visits.

To help make your visits more enjoyable, our dental team offers:

  • Extended office hours (open from 7:30 am)
  • Innovative dental treatments
  • Modern technology
  • Online forms
  • An in-house wellness plan

Your family can enjoy the highest standard of care at Mountain Home Dentistry Co.Get more information on the homepage

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Everyone in this office is so great! They are always so kind and accommodating. We haven’t experienced wait times or had any trouble with scheduling. Furthermore, they do great work. I’m so happy we found them and highly recommend Mountain Home Dentistry Co.!

Audra D. (Actual Patient)

Mountain Home Dentistry Your Way

Our doctors create a custom experience and dental plans for your family's individual needs.

We pride ourselves on making our experience seamless, comprehensive, and comfortable. It is so easy to get started:

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1. Schedule Your Appointment
Fill out the online form or call us at 208-587-1111. Our compassionate team will schedule your visit or contact you asap.
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2. Choose Your Timeslot
Due to our patients’ busy schedules, we offer extended opening hours. We open from 7 am – 6 pm in the week and also have Saturday appointments available.
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3. Fill in Your Online Forms
As part of our commitment to convenient dentistry, we offer our new patient forms online. You can relax at home with a coffee and fill them out before your appointment.
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4. Enjoy Your Visit
It is very important to us that you feel relaxed and at ease when you visit our office. Therefore, our friendly team takes everything at your pace and is here to ensure you feel comfortable and fully informed throughout your visit.
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We offer a whole host of leading-edge dental treatments to our local communities.